AYC welcomes Peace in Korean Peninsular

Asian Youth Council [AYC] welcomes the commitment from the leaders of North and South Korea to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and pledged to bring a formal end to the Korean War, 65 years after hostilities ceased.
The Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification on the Korean Peninsula was signed which commits the two countries to denuclearization and talks to bring a formal end to conflict and dispute.
AYC and all it’s members hope the trails of the leaders of two countries for reconciliation will bring durable peace in the Korean peninsular.
We call upon not only the USA and the Republic of Korea to take adequate reciprocal steps towards lowering military activity but also DPRK to stop its military provocation in Korean peninsular in order for achieving mutually acceptable agreements with the DPRK in the upcoming inter-Korean and USA-DPRK summits.
AYC and all it’s members praise the success of the summit between south and north Korea as long as it leads to concrete action for both parties.
AYC very much hopes that the USA starts the process of de-escalating tensions in Korean Peninsula through the dialogue and understanding.

Asian Youth Council

ASIAN YOUTH COUNCIL (AYC) express condolences and sympathy affected by the earth quake to Nepal

ASIAN YOUTH COUNCIL (AYC) would like to express its deepest condolences and sympathy to all those affected by the earth quake happened on 25th May 2015 in Nepal
The 2015 Nepal earthquake was a magnitude 7.8 – 8.5 (Mw) earthquake that occurred at on Saturday 25 April 2015, with the epicentre approximately 29 km (18 mi) east-southeast of Lamjung , Nepal , and the hypocentre at a depth of approximately 15 km. It is the most powerful earthquake to have hit Nepal since the 1934 Nepal–Bihar earthquake.
Till now at least 1,899 dead and more than 4,279 injured. At least 1,457 died in Nepal, and more than thousand people are still missing with incalculable loss of property and damage of infrastructure.. Damaged and collapsed houses could be seen everywhere with burnt fire in many places. The difficulty access to the area is adding more complication over rescue efforts.
At this time of grief the people of Nepal, AYC concerns that natural disaster so terrible and devastating should be the great concerns of common humanity to deal such tragedies.
AYC urge all internal communities and our member organization to stay with Nepal's people to join all rescue efforts and all kind of logistic supports for those who are affected by the earth quake. Water, food and fuel are now urgent need to be supplied.
AYC applaud the prompt action from the Asia countries response especially from Singapore, China, Malaysia, Pakistan and others have send their search and rescue team and humanitarian aids assistance to Nepal.
AYC send our message of deepest sympathy to our member organizations, Nepal Youth Organisation and affirm our moral supports and join their all efforts to support affected people in this hard time of disaster.

Dr Mohd Khir Toyo,
Asian Youth Council

MESSAGE FROM AYC : JACKIE GOH, COMMITTEE OF AYC at Candle Light Memorial event, Manila

Jackie Goh, AYC committee 

Jackie Goh, AYC committee Distinguished Guests
National Youth Commision of Philippines,
and all the young people gathered here today,
ladies and gentlemen, Good evening.

On behalf of the Asian Youth Council and, it gives me great pleasure to deliver short message to you today at this Candle Light Memorial event.
But before I do that, allow me to thank NYC of Philippines organizing this event. My thanks also go to the many organizations who have supported this event.

As we know, The Global Network of PeopleLiving with HIV (GNP+),has  announced the 2014 theme , ‘Let’s keep the light on HIV’.
Raoul Fransen, Executive Director of GNP+, says, “The Candlelight Memorial has been a potent focal point for activism in the community of people living with HIV over many years, and the theme therefore reflects a feeling of solidarity, of people acting together, and of not stigmatizing people living with HIV, including key populations.”
He continues: “‘Let’s keep the light on HIV’ aims to be positive and forward-looking, whilst also recognizing that this remains a memorial event for many. In addition, with a post-2015 agenda looming, and the imminent replenishment of the Global Fund, the theme speaks to the urgent need to ensure that HIV and AIDS does not drop off the agenda for international policy makers.”

Every year, many countries organize today's event to respect every single life and memory of people who have so far died from HIV/ AIDS. Unfortunately, despite the progress made over the past two decades or so, HIV continues to be strongly stigmatized not only here but globally. Many people infected and affected by HIV continue to face discrimination and stigma every day and sometimes from the very people who are supposed to be in the forefront in providing treatment, care and support – the health workers.

Stigma and discrimination is not only a tragedy by itself, but it also contributes to driving the epidemic even further. Because of the fear of stigma and discrimination many people are reluctant to seek information on HIV and to go for HIV counseling and testing. This in turn, undermines all our efforts to control the epidemic. We, therefore need to do more and in particular we must continue to address the taboos which surround HIV.
Last but not least, and on behalf of the Asia Youth Council, let us this evening look back to the ones who have left us as a result of HIV and thank them for having been part of this world.

May their souls rest in peace and our memories of them give us the motivation that we need to intensify this fight against HIV. Thank you.

Jackie, AYC , 16 May 2014